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Cloud storage cannot be viewed as a true back as it is in fact a live copy of your current data. If the data is corrupted or deleted on premises, that corruption or deletion will sync to the cloud storage data and be present there as well.

The NBCube device offers a multi-layered backup approach using the 3-2-1 backup method.

  • 3 – copies of your data will exist at any give time. Your live data, and two separate backups
  • 2 – backup sets including the copy on the NBCube device
  • 1 – off-site backup stored in Microsoft Azure

The NBCube brings so much more to your business than just a backup device. It is also a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that can be used to replace current storage hardware.

The NBCube comes pre-installed with a NAS operating system. Shares can be configured with specific permission levels to add security to sensitive data. Network access to all the data can then be shared to internal staff as required.

The NBCube has added functionality, allowing device backups to be done as well. These backups are stored on the NAS for fast restore, and also synced to Microsoft Azure for offsite protection.

Offsite backup data of the NBCube itself can be used to restore your business data back to its last known status.

Since the NBCube is a true backup device, several “Point-In-time” versions of your data will be available to restore the data that has been infected or corrupted.

We can provide you with a Azure only backup license to securely backup your data to Azure.